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"What a pleasure working with you and your amazing team. My firm could not be happier with the project you completed for us. Thank you for the awesome 🤩 work."- David Sugarman, Founder

David Sugarman, founder of SugarTime Inc. and Sugarman World Enterprises, has built a diverse portfolio in asset management, sports agency, and political consulting. Rising from financial services to leadership roles at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch, Sugarman now leverages his vast network to guide young athletes and ensure their financial success.

David sought a minimalistic, elegant, and fast website to showcase his AI investment firm, SugarTime Inc. Prashant Tiwari, the Vice President of Marketing and Design at SugarTime, reached out to us and remained actively involved throughout the process. He envisioned a website that required minimal to no coding or extensive technical knowledge, yet was visually compelling and easily updatable without technical expertise.

Client: SugarTime Inc.

Date : April, 2024

Country: United States of America

Categories: UI/UX Design, Web Development and CRM

Website: Sugartime.AI

Project Process And Experiment

We first designed the website’s layout and UI on Figma, including the complete brand design—from fonts to color palette. Considering Prashant’s request for a no-code website, we ensured this could be easily achieved with our CRM expertise, choosing Webflow as the optimal platform for the project’s needs. Additionally, we assisted in writing the website content and creating high-quality graphics and icons. Alongside the website, we also developed promotional social media content for David’s Instagram to support his new venture, with notable works including the company’s promotion, and blog promotions. 

The Final Outcome

The final outcome was a spectacular website that is blazing fast, clean, and elegant in design. David, Prashant, and their team were highly impressed. Prashant remarked, “I needed a website for my company, and the final product designed by these professionals looks very professional and well-made. I appreciate their responsiveness to feedback and their willingness to address issues that arose during the project. I recommend them to anyone seeking reliable web design services. Take that from a designer!”.

It was an amazing journey for us, and they highly recommended our services. They are also open to working with us on future projects.

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